Monday, July 11, 2016

We are

We are not ordinary lovers.
We are not bound by wishes
Upon falling stars, by promises
Disintegrating slowly in hearts
Of couples, watching explosions in the sky,
Flickering flares fading slowly into the night.
We are not ordinary lovers.
I love her. And I know she feels the same. Even if
She may not have said anything
About this thing called love. Anything about her
Hand in mine. Anything about last night
Apart from the day we confessed our hearts.
She may think this poem is for her
But it might be not. You see, I have been trying
To write her the perfect poem, right from the start.
We are not ordinary lovers.
And that must mean
There is no room for failure in this poem.
No sadness, no ending. This poem must not be ordinary.
You see, my dream is to be able to write for her
A poem that is perfect. Perfect enough
To describe what is between the both of us.
Because you see,
Our hearts won't last a lifetime
But a poem would live forever.



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